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Pinhole Cameras

Pinhole Cameras

Beautiful both as a statement of craft and as a testament to the underlying simplicity of photography, these hand-crafted, lovingly-finished wooden boxes sing a captivating call to expand one's creative horizon.

Pinhole photographs allow you to visualize time and space in ways impossible with ordinary lenses.  Demanding exposures between several seconds and several hours, pinhole photographs capture not the instant moment, but whole swathes of time, rendered in a single image.  With a depth of field second to none, the pinhole maintains complete focus, from the lens plane to infinity.  Every detail is perceived by this simple fundamental of photography – step away from the snapshot, breathe deeply, and relax while the Zero Image camera secures the entirety of your vision.  

We're proud to offer two models of Zero Image camera at this time:

The 6x6 Basic is our most popular model.  It takes 12 pictures on 120 film, and offers a breathtaking 130° angle of view – “wide angle” in its purest sense.  Its compactness belies its versatility – it is truly fantastic for creating unique perspectives of everyday scenes.

The 6x9 Multi-format is an adjustable model that allows 16, 12, 10, or 8 pictures on 120 film with an angle of view varying from 90-112° depending on the format.  This model is perfect for the landscape photographer looking for a fresh approach to the familiar vista.

Zero Image 6x9 Original Varnished Multi-Format Pinhole Camera
Versatile wooden pinhole camera that accommodates 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, and 6x9 formats on 120 film.
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