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Spy Film

Spy Film

So, you're the proud owner of one of the twentieth century's photographic marvels of engineering – the Minox spy camera.  Perhaps it's been passed down through the generations; perhaps you secured it during your latest clandestine operation; perhaps you discovered it on the well-stocked shelves of Blue Moon Camera and Machine – no matter how this stylish and precise instrument entered your life, you'll be wanting to make pictures with it. 

The search for appropriate materials ends here – genuine, fresh film carefully crafted at our facilities in Portland, OR.  With the choice of two black and white and two color emulsions, you have unmatched flexibility and opportunity, no matter what your shooting style.  And fear not – we here at Blue Moon Camera are dedicated to processing and printing this wonderful format for the very, very long term.  We're here to help – load up and get your espionage on.

To further clarify nuances regarding the processing and printing of subminature films, we have a dedicated web page with questions and answers regarding work flow.  Please read our Minox FAQ at your leisure.

Spy Film for MINOX Cameras- B&W 400 36 exp.
Fresh black and white 400 speed film for MINOX 8x11 subminiature cameras. 36 exposures per cassette.
Spy Film for MINOX Cameras- Color 400 36 exp.
Fresh color 400 speed film for MINOX 8x11 subminiature cameras. 36 exposures per cassette.
Prepaid Minox Processing Coupon
Valid for one roll of Minox film processing and printing up to 36 exposures, color or black and white.
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