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Typewriter Ribbons

Typewriter Ribbons

They're everywhere. On desks, under desks, sitting in children's bedrooms, hiding in your father's closet, getting a workout on wedding reception tables; chances are there's one in your home or the home of someone you know well right now.

Typewriters, as it turns out, are everywhere. Sadly most have been demoted from typing companions to decorations. Perhaps you believed typewriter ribbons were a thing of the distant past, much like abacuses and unicorns.

These tales of a massive ribbon extinction are fables and falsehoods, for here they now are, very much in existence and very much fresh and inky. It's time to save your typewriting companion from its dungeon of neglect, and you don't even need to slay a dragon to do it.

Black Typewriter Ribbon
A standard all-black ribbon that fits many different machines.
Black and Red Typewriter Ribbon
A standard red and black ribbon that fits many different machines.
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