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Film Lover's Christmas List

Rollei Ortho 25- 36 exposures
Excellent for Half Tone Shooting 2-Stop Latitude Very Sharp / Fine Grain High Contrast Film
Darkroom Paper Printing Kit
Starter paper developing darkroom chemistry kit, including all the Ilford chemistry needed to start a paper darkroom. 8x10 paper and a set of filters also included.
Rollei Infrared 400 - 36 exposures
IR-Sensitive Panchromatic B&W Neg. Film ISO 400/27° without Filtration Infrared Sensitivity Up to 820nm Very Wide Exposure Latitude
Blue Moon Camera TShirts
Blue Moon Camera and Machine TShirts to wear while you create your fantastic film images.
Rollei RPX 400- 36 exposures
Panchromatic B&W Negative Film ISO 400/27° in Standard Process Fine Grain and Sharpness Broad Tonal and Contrast Range Wide Exposure Latitude
Plates to Pixels Lenzless Image Catalog
A catalog featuring lens-less photography from a variety of talented photographers and artists.
Prepaid Minox Processing Coupon
Valid for one roll of Minox film processing and printing up to 36 exposures, color or black and white.
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