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Reality So Subtle 6x6 Dual Pinhole Camera

Reality So Subtle 6x6 Dual Pinhole Camera
Brand: Reality So Subtle
Product Code: 6x6RealitysoSubtle
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Price: $120.00
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Few cameras have more potential to change how you view the world than pinhole cameras. These lensless wonders see things in a fashion uniquely their own. These Reality So Subtle (named after a Leonardo Da Vinci quote) are made by James Guerin at Au Premier Plan in France. The 6x6 version features dual pinholes, one centered and the other risen, giving the camera a "rise" function similar to large format cameras. They produce 12 6x6cm negatives per roll of a surprisingly sharp lensless quality.

We also carry the 6x12 (pictured above) and 6x17 curved plane models but not via our online store. Please inquire directly for those versions.

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