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Rollei Ortho 25- 36 exposures

Rollei Ortho 25- 36 exposures
Brand: Rollei
Product Code: 3721011
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There be film wizards in our midsts, and their gift to us is the Rollei Ortho 25 emulsion film. You may think that a slow speed, super fine grain, super sharp image quality is enough, but the RC base of the Ortho 25 gives us additional super powers like increased flatness for optimal scanning, increased archivability, and the possibility of processing as black and white slide film. It is the perfect companion to any one engaging in astrophotography, x-ray reproductions, and other graphical needs. With a roll of 35mm or 120 Ortho 25 in your pocket, there's no telling what sorcery you could be capable of. 

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