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Prepaid Minox Processing Coupon

Prepaid Minox Processing Coupon
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The diminutive 8x11 format of Minox cameras is difficult to tame - not many modern systems are designed for the task of extracting faithful images from such a small area.

Blue Moon Camera has the solution - gorgeously rendered true optical prints from your Minox negatives.  We are proud to be one of the last remaining optical printing labs in the country, and we hold the distinction of being the only lab in North America capable of handling Minox film.

This processing coupon affords you one roll of black & white or color negative Minox processing, as well as a single set of 5x5" prints, as seen below.  Please note that black and white images are rendered with a sepia tone - this does not affect your negatives, from which we can make true black & white darkroom enlargements later.

Color Negative   Black and White Negative

We will mail the coupon to you at no cost.  You will then ship your unprocessed film and the coupon to us at your expense.  If you are within the United States, we will ship the finished prints and negatives back to you at no additional cost.

This coupon is offered for our customers who wish to pre-pay for their processing orders.  A coupon is not required in order to send us your film.  Please see our Minox FAQ for additional services, clarification, and instructions on how to send us your film without a coupon.  You may also call or email with any questions you might have.

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