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New 55 Atomic X ISO 100 4x5 Sheet Film

New 55 Atomic X ISO 100 4x5 Sheet Film
Brand: New 55
Product Code: ATOMICX
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Price: $32.50
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This 100-speed panchromatic black and white 4x5 sheet film offers a classic tonal range from deep blacks through sublime mid-grays to soft and striking highlights.

This is the same special cubic-grained emulsion used in New55 FILM's classic 1SHOT packet system for the 545 holders.

Use Atomic-X in your 4x5 camera with dark-slide holders, in your pinhole camera, or with your creative DIY project. Develop the negative with your favorite developer-stop-fix darkroom process or with New55 FILM's convenient R5 Monobath developer.

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