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Ilford HP5 - 3¼" x 4¼" - 25 Sheets

Ilford HP5 - 3¼" x 4¼" - 25 Sheets
Brand: Ilford
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Some film types have become very difficult to find, so we consider it a profound blessing that Ilford is dedicated to the periodic small-batch manufacture of esoteric films sizes such as these.  All of this film is new stock direct from the factory and cold-stored at our headquarters.

3¼" x 4¼" film (sometimes known as "quarter plate" after the corresponding glass plate size), was more common in Europe while America was busy with 4x5.  There are 3¼ x 4¼ versions of some press cameras (and older reflex cameras like the Graflex RB) that take the cut sheets as is, but it is a size more commonly seen in cameras designed to take glass plates.  In these cases, one must use (or construct) an adapter called a "film sheath" to put the thin sheet film in the thick glass plate holder.

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