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Lomography Orca B&W 100 ISO 110 Film

Lomography Orca B&W 100 ISO 110 Film
Brand: Lomography
Product Code: LOMO110Orca
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Lomography has become a near household name when it comes to film photography, and their entries into the 110 film market have generated a bit of new enthusiasm for the format.

Their Orca 110 is a 100 ISO true black-and-white film with a bit of a soft, glowing, dreamy look - one that works quite well for still lifes or portraits.

Note: the first batch of Orca 110 comes in a 24 exposure cassette with a sealed back instead of backing paper - you will have to count your frames to know how many exposures you have left, and the first and last couple of frames on the roll will exhibit light leaks.

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