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Plates to Pixels Lenzless Image Catalog

Plates to Pixels Lenzless Image Catalog
Plates to Pixels Lenzless Image Catalog Plates to Pixels Lenzless Image Catalog
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This wonderfully curated image catalog features work by a variety of photographers, all of whom hold one thing in common: they use lens-less cameras. The catalog was curated by Blue Moon Camera's own, Zeb Andrews. He had this to say about his experience curating the work:

"I was looking for images that used the soft, abstract nature of primitive pinholes to best effect.  Or images that played with the notion of the world over a long span of time.  Or prints that redefined what we thought could be done with lumen printing, photograms and chemigrams.  You know, the stuff that makes you stop what you are doing and say, “wow, I wish I had thought of that”.   I think in this age, as so many of our cameras are getting more advanced and smarter than ever, luring us into allowing them to make more and more of the photographic decisions for us and as we spend more time reading lens performance reviews rather than thinking about the images we will make with those lenses, it is wise to take a moment to remind ourselves and our peers all the magic that can be wrought when you using a primitive camera without a lens, or in some cases, no cameras at all."

To view the online version of this catalog, please look here.

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