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Black Typewriter Ribbon

Black Typewriter Ribbon
Brand: GRC
Product Code: T5-77B
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Price: $10.00
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Like the photographer's fixer, the illustrator's gouache, or the signpainter's enamel, the writer's raw material is, of course, whiskey. Unfortunately, the state liquor control board does not allow us to furnish you with this nectar of creativity.

We can, however, supply your mechanical typing companion with a brand-new GRC T5-77B ribbon, which will protect you from the embarrassment of waking up to a stack of blank pages after a particularly prolific evening.

This 1/2" wide all-black ribbon will fit many different machines - but not all of them. It is compatible with all Underwoods (except the Model 150), all Royal portables, and most European machines including Hermes and Olympia; it is not compatible with Royal desktops/standards, Remingtons, Woodstocks, LC Smiths, or smaller Coronas. If you are unsure whether or not this ribbon will work with your machine, please contact us for assistance before you purchase.

Furthermore, you should only purchase a new ribbon if that's truly the only thing your machine needs. The garage sale typewriter, that lustrous pearl gleaming amidst a landscape of videocassettes and winter scarves, likely needs a full overhaul - which includes a new ribbon.

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