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Darkroom Film Developing Kit

Darkroom Film Developing Kit
Brand: Ilford
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Have you ever wanted to become addicted to the smell of darkroom chemistry? Do modern processes make you yearn to take your photography literally back into your own hands? Does the idea of creating beautiful art in pure darkness excite you? Darkroom film developing is just what you need. Satisfy your artistic urges with this starter kit, including all the chemistry you need; reels fit for 35mm, 120, 220, 126, or 127 film; a developing tank; and a pack of archival pages to keep your precious negatives safe.


What's inside

1 bottle Ilford Ilfosol 3 - Film developer - 500mL

1 bottle Ilford Ilfostop - Odorless stop bath - 500mL

1 bottle Ilford Rapid Fixer - Film and paper fixer - 500 ml

1 bottle Ilford Washaid - Washing aid - 1L

1 bottle Ilford Ilfotol - Wetting agent - 1L

1 bottle of Hypocheck- 1 oz. 

1 Paterson SS4- Mulit 3 Reel Tank- Capable of processing 2 roll of 120, 220, 127 film or 3 rolls of 35mm,126 film at a time.

2 multi-format reels - Plastic reels that can be adjusted to fit 35mm, 120, 200, 126, or 127 film and formed to fit included Paterson SS4 tank

25 PrintFile Archival 35mm Negative Pages - For 35mm film cut into strips of 5 frames and 7-Hole Punched


Your questions answered

  • How long will this chemistry last?

Each bottle will last a different amount of time, based on how much you'll be using in a run and which chemicals you can save. Chemicals will last longer when stored in an opaque, air tight bottle. We recommend reading the instructions on each bottle of chemistry.

  • What else will I need for my darkroom?

Measuring devices (such as a large pitcher with mL marks) and air-tight, screw-top containers will help you accurately measure and safely store your chemicals. Otherwise you'll need a dark (pitch black) room. The space doesn't have to be large, but must be dark, as film is light-sensitive before development.

  • Where can I learn how to set up a darkroom?

Classes are a good place to start. If you are in Portland, Multnomah Arts Center offers several or check with your local community college. Otherwise, Ilford provides a step-by-step instructional PDF on their Black and White Processing page.

  • What times should I use for film developing?

You can refer to the guides provided on your chemistry labels, but for odd films and general references the Massive Film Dev Chart always has good developing information.


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