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Darkroom Paper Printing Kit

Darkroom Paper Printing Kit
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So you've made and developed all your negatives. Now what? The fun has only just begun, my friend. Nothing beats the thrill of watching an image appear before your eyes in a paper developing tray. Excitement, anticipation, scientific measuring, artistic effort, and a sense of magic all come together in a paper darkroom. To help you get started in your own magical darkroom, we've put together some essential must-haves for printing your own art prints from black and white negatives.


What's included

1 bottle Ilford Multigrade - Paper developer - 500mL

1 bottle Ilford Ilfostop - Odorless stop bath - 500mL

1 bottle Ilford Rapid Fixer - Film and paper fixer - 1L

1 bottle Ilford Washaid - Washing aid - 1L

12 Ilford Multigrade filters - 3.5"x3.5" square printing filters, #s 00-5

50 sheets Ilford RC De Luxe Pearl  - 8x10 printing paper


Your questions answered

  • What else will I need to start my printing darkroom?

The major expense will be an enlarger and lens. Be sure to find an enlarger that is able to handle the kind of film you want to print (35mm, 120, or 4x5, etc). Enlargers can be found often times on Craigslist. In addition, you will need developing trays, a sink to lay them out in, and the appropriate measuring pitchers and bottles to measure and store your chemistry. A darkroom timer and safe light will keep you out of the total dark and on time, and a squeegee will help you start the drying process of your prints on the right foot.

  • How do I set up my darkroom?

Ilford has some great instructions and tips on darkroom set up, which you can find here.

  • How do I print my negatives?

For first time printers, we strongly recommend taking a darkroom class. These are commonly offered in community colleges, and if you're in the Portland area, we recommend checking out Multnomah Arts Center or check with your local community college. If you've printed before and would like some tips to further exercise your creative muscles, we have a Darkroom Printing blog entry, where you can find a wealth of useful information.


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